"Cortex powers teaching and learning by putting data in the hands of teachers and administrators to heighten personalized learning models."

Cortex is an integrated SIS and LMS that can create personalized learning progressions for students that allow students to own their own data and drive their own learning. With a focus on mastery of skills, Cortex allows teachers to track mastery against the Common Core or other state-based learning standards. The platform allows students and teachers to track completion of a progression across goals and subjects through a common data visualization for mastery of content.

Cortex also allows teachers to create progressions for subsets of students so that true differentiation can occur - including the ability to have students complete remediation or extension content. If enabled, Cortex can also provide teachers with context about mastery in different learning experiences so teachers and students can not just understand if they have learned but how they learn, empowering the student to drive their own learning forward.

At the backbone of Cortex is an Ed-Fi operational data store (ODS) that securely gathers important information around students' learning experiences, such as student information, course enrollment, program enrollment, assessment, grades, and attendance.

Cortex instructional and assessment layer integrates learner profiles with the ability to build, customize and deploy unit plans and playlist along a competency progression built for different grade bands. Cortex seamlessly allows for educators to integrate assessment data in real time - multiple times a day to serve, inform, and enhance teaching and learning. Cortex allows for a web-based solution that brings together operational and instructional data about students and for students to serve, enhance, and inform teaching and learning.

Cortex Curated Content

The Cortex content team have brought in formatted student facing courses both high in quality and demand. These materials are configurable scopes and sequences used for remixing content and meeting students' leaning needs.

Content is curated from open sources providers such as:

Cortex Curated Content is ready to be utilized by all users and is updated on an ongoing basis.

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