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Introducing Cortex V5

Cortex Team

Cortex is filled with fresh updates that make personalized learning easily accessible. Schools will impact student success even more with specialized dashboards for teachers and administrators, robust attendance reporting, and a Performance by Standard view. Check out the Cortex V5 feature reel and read up on features below...

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An Expanded Definition of Student Success

Melissa Gedney, Digital Promise, June 8, 2017

Erin Mote and Eric Tucker lead Brooklyn Lab Schools, a group of charter schools in downtown Brooklyn, and are focused on building systems that support an expanded definition of student success. Brooklyn Lab recently won a grant to expand their work from middle schools to two high schools through support from the XQ Super School project and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. To help accomplish their vision – that every students get not just to but through college – Brooklyn Lab leverages Cortex, a digital learning platform where student data and work can be accessed by students...

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InnovateEDU Uses Ed-Fi Technology to Scale Personalized Learning for Small Districts and Individual Schools

Ed-Fi Alliance, 2015

Even the most digitally focused schools keep track of different types of student data through a variety of means, both electronic and paper-based — and few of these means are compatible with each other. Additionally, there is a pressing need for a secure electronic platform that can provide teachers with a holistic view of each student. With its Cortex product, InnovateEDU developed just such a platform...

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Cortex Newsletter Oct.2018

Powering Personalized Learning From student agency, to NWEA MAP growth in math and reading, students and teachers are reaching new heights...

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Release Note: Version 6.6.6824.2478

New Student Experience Preview. We are very excited to make available our completely redesigned student experience. In addition to the details...

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